Meet the CEO
Marchia MillerJones has always known she’d be a businesswoman—shrewd by age seven,
she sold chips for a nickel per to her four sisters!  

Ms. MillerJones is a business developer, inventor, and believes in beating the odds—proven
by having pursued an Industrial Engineering degree with 5 children under the age of 11,
while also presiding over the college’s engineer’s club (WIET).  Committed not only to her
career, this divorced Super-mom of five—two sets of twins and another brilliant son between
the two—not only believes in her dreams coming true, but lets hard work, integrity, faith in
those dreams lead in pursuit of her goals.  

Depleting her $23,000 retirement account, Ms. MillerJones purchased the necessary
equipment, along with a 2-year lease on an office, and began her career as an
entrepreneur.   Q-4 Quality Services began offering administrative, marketing, technical, and
development support services in 2005.  In 2007, modifications to offerings included
engineering and facility support services.

Q-4 is just the beginning. The creator of over 45 inventions, service is not the only aspiration
for this savvy businesswoman.  Ultimately, Ms. MillerJones hopes to run an industry
conglomerate, comprising of a full-scale, multi-product manufacturing facility.  This facility,
speculated to require a minimum of 100 full-time employees, is anticipated to be fully-
operational, if not by 2013, in the not so distant future.

Marchia MillerJones’ multifaceted life is proof of her ability to successfully take on
mountains—challenges are pursued as opportunities.  
Economic development is truly an
evident passion.  Committed to philanthropic responsibility, in 2006,  Ms. MillerJones
Living Canvas of America, a nonprofit supporting socio-economic, familial,
youth, and forestry preservation efforts.  

Her philanthropic history includes over 10 years involvement with such organization
s as
Habitat for Humanity, YWCA, A New Beginning Youth Ministries, and Visions of Life Family
Foundation, as well as her ongoing endeavors:  developing programs which provide
companionship to the elderly, transporting seniors and disadvantaged parents, feeding and
providing temporary shelter to the homeless young mothers, providing free professional
writing services, clothes and household items to the indigent and poor,  helping
youth overcome life’s barriers, even sponsoring summer "Friday Evening Outdoor Movie
Nights" in the driveway of her home.

Many of these programs have operated intermittently and in conjunction with her official work
and schooling since the early 1990’s.  This rich array of social duty is supported by, and
equally spawned from Ms. MillerJones’ professional experiences in administration,
development and quality assurance—having worked over sixteen years within university,
nonprofit and hospital settings.   

Ms. MillerJones attended Central State University and Sinclair Community College, majoring
in Business Administration (w/ Broadcast Communication) and Industrial Engineering,
respectively.  She maintains active membership with the Society of Manufacturing Engineers
(SME), is a member of the Dayton Urban League's CEO's Council, and directs programming
on Dayton Access Television, together with her sons.  In her spare time, Ms. MillerJones
enjoys teaching her daughters how to play piano and cook; writes children's and adult fiction
and nonfiction, poetry and gospel songs, and composing at the piano.  She reads, writes
and speak Arabic fluently.  A member of P.E.T.A., Marchia 's concern for animal welfare and
safety is reflected in her  
Living Canvas Wildlife and Forestry Center endeavor.

Ms. MillerJones attributes ALL of her talents to God, through the teachings of His Son,  
Jesus, and her optimistic nature to her dad and business confidant:  Emile C.Miller, Delphi
Mgt. Retiree and creator a ProActive Health Maintenance Software, co-edited by Ms.
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