March 4, 2008

Dear Oprah:

How are you?  In lieu of all you have been able to uncover over the success of your career, I thought I would try to
bring this matter to some closure for my client, my former 2nd grade music teacher, and my friend: Mrs. Nellie
Washington Moreland (now 76 years old).  

My name is Marchia D. MillerJones.  I am a
mother of five, a small business owner, inventor and philanthropist who
programs for youth, families, wildlife, the elderly and the indigent.  Ironically, I happen also to be
completing an
engineering degree (and was recently invited by Purdue University to complete my program there).  
Like my client, I play and compose at the piano.  Okay, but this isn’t about me…

Mrs. Moreland has been fighting a 37-year battle against a well-known local law firm (and alleged co-conspirators)
for the return of all properties, land, stocks, investments and liquid monies (plus interest) from the estate of her
deceased uncle, Dr. Ezra Wescott Washington, who passed away in 1971, after 40 years practicing as a surgeon
in Middletown, Ohio (Middletown’s first African-American physician), and had been president of that area’s NAACP
for several years.  The records of most all of his professional and personal life have been attempted to be erased
by alleged conspiring parties, thus hiding his legacy from groups who stand to positively benefit from knowledge of
this great man's extensive contribution to Middletown and businesses in and around Dayton (and Michigan).  Dr.
Ezra W. Washington truly had an impacted on growth for that community.  Hiding this corrupt act by stealing the
estate and depriving the family (those who continued to fight) their inheritance should go ignored to no longer.

Mrs. Washington, along with her two brothers and father (now deceased) received only harassment over the initial
years when they, together, attempted to fight the system.  (Their father, then in his late sixties, had been corralled
into the law office and forced to sign several papers immediately following the death of Dr. Washington [his
brother].  It was reported, and is public record how those involved allegedly tucked away among the papers he was
hurriedly made to sign, a document entitled “Consent to Waiver Total Content of Estate”—a document undisclosed
to the family until several months following attempts to have the attorneys probate the estate, when they finally took
it to court—the court having been made a part of the conspiracy, thus abusing their power, and denying the family
rights to all but a measly snippet (12 houses), for which Mrs. Moreland (Nellie Washington), never settled for,
keeping the lawsuit active to this date.

I, not being a lawyer, but having much desire to help my clients (for which I am uncompensated…but that’s another
story), have research and prepare Mrs. Washington's documents in her pursuit of justice, helping her keep it alive.  
The case has just been filed in the Supreme Court, due to non-activity at the Appeals Level within Butler County.  
Ms. Winfrey, Oprah, who knows what will happen.  I would surmise that the same avoidance will continue.  (The
old:  “Wait until they die” Tactic.)

Mrs. Moreland, a widow and retired school teacher, has property—a beautiful, standing structure, that was gutted
out due to a storm which blew the wind off—after more than 20 years of her and her parents paying $220 monthly
to insure the building, Church Insurance failed to pay the family enough to return it to the state it was in, after the
roofer ‘they’ assigned ran off with the roofing materials and the check!; and two homes, her personal house—which
she teaches piano and music lessons from, and her parents home, on the land where the building sits.  

It was Mrs. Moreland’s plan to re-open the building, used to facilitate a daycare where she was administrator over
until the damage in 2003.  Her plans were, and are, to open an after-school facility there where inner-city youth
may learn music and have a safe place to come, have refreshments, do homework and develop a love for the arts.  
But this has been stymied by the
alleged activity of a relative, due to involvement in a felony Mrs. Moreland further
(Washington) alleges, in exchange for his not seeing jail time, works to rid the estate of all remaining properties to
extinguish the crimes aforementioned altogether as directed by those parties seeking to have the acts of 1971-to-
date remain sealed.

These antics include everything from busting holes into the properties windows, to possessing and failing to return
the company wagon, a pickup truck and riding lawnmower (purchased with Mrs. Moreland’s funds).  Mrs. Moreland
now rides the city bus, mows her lawn using a push mower (over 1.5 acres of land), and hoes her property using a
manual hack wand (the 1960 version of a weed whacker).  Mrs. Moreland, although seeing her late 70’s, has much
fight in her.  When the bus passes her up, she even walks to her properties from her residence to check on it, and
work around it.  

Ms. Winfrey, Oprah, it would be an honor to work together with your team, and an even greater honor to meet with
you, or to even have you take interest in this case, personally.

May God continue to bless your endeavor for a better world.  I totally believe it is everyone’s responsibility to help
build a better society, when they are blessed with the means—when I get there, this will definitely be the foundation
of my businesses.  I am an inventor and “will” be honored to be one who helps to positively impact society….one
day.    I have the program already…  God’ll bless me with the means one day soon, I just know it!

Have a great day, Ms. Winfrey, Oprah; have a great day.

Marchia D. MillerJones

P.S.  Enclosed is a
brochure I developed to help Ms. Moreland’s business. Despite faxing to over 250 offices and
hand-delivering ~100, no clients have come.  Any recommendations your staff may have to create business for her
would be awesome (she has two clients and teaches piano for free at her church).  I’ve been telling her to practice
for a concert.  It is my hope to put her back out there as a performing artist, because her funds have been
depleted in worker fraud, legal fees, remodeling homes (burnt to the ground by persons she believes are party to
the case she’s fought since 1971) and she needs some quality of life:  she doesn’t even have an operating fridge,
nor food to put in it.