Resume' &
Prof'l Profile
Don't just say it, Say It Right!  

Most people don't recognize the value of expression.  Sell yourself!  But know the right
and wrong way.  Q-4 makes it easy.  Let our personal profile professionals help you
attract the type of industry with whom you seek affiliation.   

Our head-turning resume' and vitae profiles --along with your
professional profile
(business) card
, will have those you want calling your number!
What's In a Word?

Ever heard the saying "Its not what you say, but
how you say it"?
Prospective employers want to
know about you, but in as few words as possible.  
The key is to have a resume with descriptive clarity,
precise and to the point.   Let Q-4's
Say It Right
team help you downsize that resume' today!

US Postal Delivery is Okay,
but Internet is the Way!

If you're among the lucky few to have held a job for
the last decade, nonstop, then you may need to be
updated on new methods of resume' submission
preferred by many companies today.   One way to
display how "current" you are with trends is to do
business electronically.  This means, getting your
resume' posted on employer review sites,
completing online applications, and e-faxing
prospective employers.

The early bird gets the worm.  Resumes  that
arrive by some in a few days, arrive by others in a
few seconds.  A good idea is to submit your interest
via email, attaching your resume, then following up
via postally (placing in mail the same day).
Up to 2 Typed Pages
Each Additional Page
Initial Cover Letter, Follow-Up
Subsequent Cover & Follow-Up
Individual Cover or Follow-Up
Subsequent Individual Letters
1-Month Contract for Internet
Scouting and E-Resume
Submission Services (up to 25
submissions).  Includes cover
2nd-Month Service Renewal
Each Additional Submission
During Contract Period (Service
includes cover email)
Resume Conversion and Internet
Storage (2 Page Max.)
Resume Posting onto 1 Major  
Employment Search Engine
Resume Posting onto other Job
Search Engine (ea. add'l)
Updates for 12 months  (per ea.)
Per 1 Hour "How To" Coaching
Hourly Rate for Group Training
Downsizing is a phrase heard more than "raises" in
households today!  There's nothing safer than being
prepared for an unplanned
fire.  In the untimely event
you find yourself laid off, downsized, or just plain "let
go";  or if you're ready for something more suitable for
your new skill set, you'll want to have your resume',
references, and 3 letters of recommendation-- tools
which will get you into the interview chair, or
promoted sooner than those who only relate the term
"prepare" to their next meal.
What's Your Worth?  

How long have you been working on that job?  How many people have you trained to be "your
supervisor"?  What upgrades or improvements have you brought to the workplace?  Have you
gained skills inside or outside the company your office now depend upon?  Has an annual
raise ever exceeded more than twenty cents on the dollar?  How much does your company earn
annually?  Do your contributions to your agency impact cost or savings?  Do you insist on
producing quality?  Practicing integrity?  Has anyone ever taken credit for your work?

No doubt, you've a response to one or more, if not all of these questions.  If so, then you need to
evaluate how you have addressed each case, if at all.  

Outlining accomplishments is a way to show your employer, and perhaps more importantly--
yourself, how valuable you are to the organization.  Many of us don't get promoted or receive
raises because we don't take the initiative to do our homework and then, prepare a resume and
other support documentation to reflect, in particular, those added contributions, qualities and

Scheduling to meet with employers to discuss promotion opportunities or a salary increase
should not invoke fear of possible demotion or losing your position altogether.  If it does, there
may be reason.  If you are too intimidated to risk it, talk to a labor attorney or employment rights
advocate-- independent of your organization, before requesting a meeting to address earning
comparisons to those paid on the national level, etc.
Resume Packages
Don't Let Your Company's Stability Fool You.
"You" are Not Exempt!


Say It Right!

U R Not Exempt!

What's In a Word?

Mail vs. Email

What's Your Worth?